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Responsive Web Design Services in Surrey

 Our web design team are simply unrivaled when it comes to making a beautiful and functional web presence. Surrey businesses are up against some tough competition and we can help you get ahead of your competitors in both the search results and the aesthetics of your site. We take our clients ideas and combine them with our own creative juices, then combine industry best practices to make great looking websites that work to convert customers and most importantly rank highly in all of the search engines for their business key words and phrases.

It is important to have your online image looking as good as possible, this is normally the first impression that you will be making on your audience and you will only get one chance. By choosing us to look after this for you, you can avoid error messages and poorly designed pages that turn away visitors and potential clients. Maximise your online impact by calling us today and getting started on your new site design.
The Challenge

Your standard, successful website is made from a blend of beautiful design, clearly written content and a well-thought-out conversion funnel. And all of that’s great, but who wants to just be ‘standard,’ when you can be so much more? To maximize your website’s potential as a customer-conversion machine, you need to create a visitor experience that is highly engaging and speaks directly to your potential customers’ needs 

What We Do

We deliver professional, high-quality websites for our clients that evoke emotion and improve interaction. Simply put, our design work delivers real, measurable results.

What We Achieve

Our state-of-the-art features are proven to increase search engine ranking, boost sales, and deliver a better overall experience across every device type. 

Traditional desktop-only sites simply won’t cut it anymore. One study from comScore found that 49 percent of digital media time is spent on mobile devices, with tablets accounting for an additional 12 percent. With just 31 percent of time left over for desktop devices, it becomes clear that websites should be built mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, and desktop-friendly. That’s why we employ what’s called responsive web design.

Traditionally, responsive design means stretching and shrinking your site to fit different screen sizes. However, we take it a step further by tailoring different features for different devices as well. For example, a Click-to-Call button will appear on a mobile device, but not a tablet or desktop. The experience and the needs of a visitor can greatly differ between a mobile and desktop device, and we make sure that our content and designs consistently reflect that.

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