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Email Marketing in Surrey

Email marketing is so effective (when executed correctly) and so inexpensive that an entire industry has emerged to support it. A new millennium counterpart to traditional direct mail, email marketing offers unprecedented targeting capabilities allowing you to customise your messages to appeal to different groups of customers for much higher response rates.

email marketing

The Challenge

Here are the top three advantages of using email marketing:

  • Unmatched customer targeting and tracking capability
  • Lowest cost per unit of any advertising medium
  • Creates ongoing awareness of your brand and offerings

We offer two main email marketing approaches. One is for businesses who want to basically do it themselves and manage the results, and the other is where we appoint a project manager to run your email marketing campaign for you and basically take it off your hands. The second option is going to get far better results, but for a lower level of investment, the first option is of course very popular. 

What We Do

Constant Contact is our most popular eMail Marketing tool for small to medium sized businesses with the time and drive to set up their own email marketing campaigns. Just import your email address list and write your template email and you can have an entire campaign managed from the Constant Contact website, even giving you valuable information such as open rates etc. allowing you to tailor your campaign for maximum efficiency.

What We Achieved

The campaign kicked off with an email to existing clients highlighting new products for the upcoming holiday season.
The response was immediate.
“An onslaught of orders began to pour in. They were finding past customers who hadn’t ordered in years were again ordering,” Alyse explains. “The demand was such that Magic of Aloe began to run out of some of their core products causing them numerous trips to their labs. ”
Following the success of the holiday campaign, Alyse worked with Magic of Aloe to extend their success into the New Year.
In the months that followed, Magic of Aloe grew its email database to more than 1,300 email contacts. Through their continued work with Alysa, the company is now seeing three times the amount of sales of Magic of Aloe products
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